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Sha La La

- DreamHouse

Lời bài hát Sha La La

There's a boy in my mind and he knows I'm thinking of him
All my way through the days and the nights
The stars shine above me
He's been gone for sometimes but I know I truly love him
And I'm singing a song hoping he'll be back when he hears it

My heart goes sha la la la la
Sha la la in the morning
Oh oh oh sha la la la la
Sha la la in the sunshine
Sha la la la la
Sha la la in the evening
Sha la la la la... sha la la la la just for you

If your love's gone away just like mine. You'll feel like crying
Sing alone maybe once, may be twice. Let's try it together
Some sweet day no one knows he'll return and you'll be happy.
Shout it sweet in a song. Listen to your heart it is singing

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